The Gist of Srimad Bhagavad Gita


The Bhagavad Gita, the mother of all scriptures



Adi Sankara, in his commentary on the Bhagavad gita, says that the essence of Gita is contained in the last sloka of the 11th chapter of the Gita.


The verse is as follows:



Mat karma krin mat paramo mad bhakta sanga varjitaha

Nirvaira sarva bhuteshu ya sa mameti pandava



The meaning of the sloka is as follows:


“He who works for Me, has Me for the Supreme Goal, is devoted to Me, and non-attached, and bears no hatred towards any creature, he attains to Me, Oh, Pandava.”


The Lord explains the 5 conditions that a man has to fulfil in order to reach on to Him.


What are they?


  1. One should work for Him.
  2. One should have Lord as his Supreme goal.
  3. One should be devoted to Him.
  4. One should be free from attachment.
  5. One should have no hatred towards any creature.




Now we shall try to understand these 5 conditions.


  1. The first one is that one should work for Him – Normally, one works for satisfying the hunger and thirst of all his 11 sense organs.  Then he has to fulfil his wife, children and other members of his family circle. But the Lord says that one should work for Lord.  One may ask that if one works for his wife and children, then is he not doing his duty.  Well.  Accepted.  What the Lord says is one should not be pleasure oriented in the name of serving his family.  He is supposed to follow the path of dharma and earn the livelihood through right means only.  So, a dharmic, i.e. a righteous way of life in all circumstances is insisted in the first condition.
  2. Next condition is that Lord should be one’s Supreme goal.   Why the Lord puts this second condition?  Because, there may be dutiful servants to a master.  But, the dutiful servants need not have their masters as their ultimate abode, i.e. a place to be resorted to after one leaves the physical body.  Hence, though one may be righteous in earning his livelihood, he is told to accept the Lord as the Supreme goal, i.e. the place to which he should aspire for to reach after leaving this world.
  3. The third one is one should be devoted to the Lord.  The fact that one has accepted Lord as his destination after leaving the world should not make him forget his supreme goal during his life time.  All through his life time, one is supposed to remember his goal and work accordingly.  Hence constant remembrance of the Lord in all moments of our life is expected out of us, if we are to call ourselves as true devotees of the Lord.
  4. The fourth condition is that one should be free from attachment.  Here we have to understand 2 things – i.e. what is attachment and to whom we should not be attached. Attachment means a sense of possessiveness. If I am attached to a person or an object, then I feel that the person or object exists for me only – i.e. they are for me and not me for them. As long as they fulfil my thirst and desire, they are very nice to me and the moment they slightly deviate from my set-boundary they are traitors.  It is both like a sticking gum and a magnifying glass.  The mind gets stuck with the person or object and magnifies that person or object which in reality he or it is not so.  Now we shall see the next aspect of this fourth condition – with which one is not supposed to be attached?  Man out of selfishness normally gets attached with 5 things, viz.  his own wife, children, wealth, friend and the relatives.  One is advised to be completely free from all these 5 things.  Then, does it mean one can remain attached with the things other than the 5 mentioned ones?  Definitely not.  It is assumed and expected that when one develops an attitude of detachment from the 5 mentioned ones, one will surely be free from the disease of attachment with any thing in the world and his mind will be fully filled with the thoughts of God. 
  5. The last but not the least condition i.e. not having hatred towards any creature in the world.  Normally human mind is susceptible to either attachment or hatred.  When one tries to be free from attachment there is every possibility that his mind unconsciously slips in to hatred.  Hence the word of caution from the Lord.  The whole world is but one family. All are brothers and sisters to each other. This globalization of human existence is the need of the hour.  It is neither attachment nor hatred but pure love.  The attitude of seeing the manifestation of one’s chosen Lord in all the animate and inanimate objects of the world.


Thus, when one fulfils these above 5 conditions then he is sure to reach on to the Lord.  Let us all take a resolve on this auspicious occasion 

  • that each and every activity of us be dedicated to God and God alone     
  • that we shall give up all our attachments to any particular thing or person
  • that we shall expand our heart to the whole of humanity and
  • that we shall experience Godhood on this earth itself which is the duty of each and every one of us.


I conclude with my humble prayer to Lord Krishna that He blesses us to fulfil the conditions put forth by Him and thus make us eligible to reach on to Him.




Swami Nishthatmananda

Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama

Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India               


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