Seek and ye shall find




“Seek and ye shall find.” – says Jesus Christ.




Man can get anything on the earth.  If he hasn’t got his desired thing then it only shows he has not sincerely sought.  We often come across with the word “single-mindedness”.  The thirst or the hankering to realise one’s cherished goal is supposed to be as intense as the pain of a man when a burning piece of coal falls on his back.  He exerts all his efforts to make himself free from pain.  No other thought is present in his mind except the one to save him from the pain. Body, mind, intellect and the soul of a man – all in unison should seek the desired goal.  If one’s lips only seek without his heart and soul, then he is not actually seeking.  This unison of all layers of one’s personality makes one to find his object sought for.  This is what Christ means.




When Christ says to seek he also means not to seek.




Yes.  When a man wants to go towards north, both his legs should move towards north.  Very simple, isn’t?  But, if one puts his first step towards north and the next towards south, can we expect him to reach on the cherished destination?  Surely impossible, isn’t?  In the same way, when one seeks one thing, he is not supposed to seek all other things on the earth.  One cannot serve two masters.  If one wishes to serve one Master, he has to take complete leave from the other.   



We find that this advice of the Christ is being made applicable to worldly pleasures and as well finding a place in the kingdom of heaven.




But though we can try to apply this maxim in our pleasure oriented goals, in the long run we face with the difficulty of not proceeding further.  There comes stagnation.  Why? We shall analyse the ‘why’ of it? Now, what is the rule of Christ?  One has to seek his cherished goal through all layers of his personality, i.e. he has to seek through his body, his mind, his intellect and through all his soul. O. K. As far as the earlier three layers, i.e. body-mind-intellect are concerned there is no difficulty if our selected goal is of a pleasure-oriented one. We can make these three layers to come in unison.  But the last one or rather the source of all the layers, viz. the soul of man is of the nature of divinity and is not compatible with temporary pleasures of sensory nature.  It is of the nature of non-sensory bliss that is eternal, infinite and full of enlightenment.  By default, soul of a man doesn’t lend its support to man’s pleasure oriented goal.  It is because of this reason man always fails to proceed further in his search for infinite bliss through finite objects of the world. 




So, it goes without saying that the words of Christ can be made applicable only when the goal is for seeking a place in the kingdom of heaven.  If we seek Him through all our layers of personality then surely we shall find Him in our own hearts on this very earth and make this earth a veritable place of heaven.      



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