Ishvara Pranidhana – surrendering to the will of the Supreme



·        Isvara Pranidhana, is a value that makes an aspiring student eligible to take up his practical lessons in the lab of spiritual education.


·        When the student fully exhausts all his physical and mental energies in preparing himself for the experience of his chosen goal, he reaches a mental state wherein he just allows the things to happen without any hold over it. He becomes self satisfied and looks forward to divine grace.  His mind is poised with the attitude of surrendering the results of all his actions along with the sense of doer ship and thus becomes a witness of his own physical and mental activities. Though he owns the responsibility for all the errors, he passes the credits of his right actions to a power supreme.


·        This value of self expression blended with self experience is called Isvarana Pranidhana.


·        The life of such a man becomes a learning experience and this experience becomes joyful only when it finds expression in right fields.  On the contrary, mere expressions without any experience will not last long as we cannot pour water out of an empty vessel.


·        Spiritual expression is giving, while spiritual experience is receiving.  Expression in our day to day life is giving, something we convey to the outside.  Experience is something what is happening to us inside.  Both the things are complementary to each other.  We must have a balance of giving and receiving in our spiritual life. Only receiving, i.e. aiming for spiritual heights without sharing with the public, greedily puts us at the risk of building up impurities and blockage, and only giving can cause us to fail to hold on to enrichments we need to grow spiritually.


·        Again, experiencing spiritually our chosen God can be difficult, but expressing ourselves spiritually to each other is usually a little more complicated.  This is not just because we must learn to see our chosen God in each other, but also because expressing ourselves spiritually to another person can actually invite hostility from him or another who may happen to be observing.


·        This exercise of achieving a balanced self expression coupled with self experience involves three stages –


1.     In the first stage, the student has the attitude of “I am His” with his chosen God.  It is like the waves and the ocean. It is the waves that belong to the Ocean not the vice versa.

2.     In the second stage, the student’s sense of “myness” with regard to the Lord is so great that he feels that He can never separate Himself from him, i.e. the student.  The student recognises his lover’s inability without him, i.e. the student.

3.     In the third and final stage, the highest stage of surrender is represented by the disappearance of “I” in the “He” and there only “HE” – the Lord remains.


·        Thus, resigning oneself to the will of the divine is the highest spiritual value that makes one experience the purpose of human life. 


·        Students of spiritual education have to evaluate themselves and march on with perseverance that the Lord is surely holding their hands leading them to their desired end.


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