Sri Sri Durga Puja

We are given choice of many forms of God and choice of many relationships to be developed to express our love and devotion to God. 

Of all the forms of God, the feminine form of Sri Durga, with the relationship of mother is most easier one.  In abstract understanding, Dur-ga, means difficult to attain, who is far away.  But, with love and child-like attitude She is very near to us.  Once we accept Her presence and surrender to Her will, She will hold our hand and when we are aready, She will help us to the ultimate understanding, the Oneness.Sri RK_SD_SV

Sri Ramakrishna through his spiritual exercises done in a traditional way concentrated the energy in his masculine body to arouse the feminine energy and see the wide angle point of view.  He gave the universal energy a feminine face for the mental upliftment of humanity.  The masculine face of energy had already gone out of control and civilizations were heading towards destruction.  He wanted to arouse this feminine form of energy so that a balance could be brought  into human society.  That feminine energy is personified in Mother Sarada Devi, the incarnate of Divine Mother Durga.

A study of her holy life is the full fledged worship of Mother Durga.

The teachings of Mother Sarada and her holy life are the modern Veda to the world.

We pray and appeal to one and all to bring light to their lives through the study of modern Veda.


Swami Nishthatmananda

Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama

Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India


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